Time zone requirements: You must be able to fit this time zone and play time with no issue, 10:15 EST till 3am EST and on - Most days - TRYOUTS ARE TONIGHT!! at 10:15PM EST!! Must be able to play TOP meta champions Must have a mic and be able to use discord Must be able to give and take Criticism Must have at least one ranked flex game done to practice with team Must be Gold+ last season Must be serious about a team, do not request to join if you’re going to play one game and leave or if we do bad one game then leave. Must know what a support is, what is your role, how to pressure, and NEED to communicate early game. (MID) We are looking for a real Top laner that COMUNICATES early game and knows excaly what his role is. If you’re interested please add That Way in-game and have your most played/best TOP picks ready. Thanks

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