Rabid Ravens is recruiting for top lane. Read Description

Hello everyone, my name is Grumpig and I am the team captain for Rabid Ravens, which is a team under the rabidrousers organization. We currently compete in a discord league called Blue Otter League were we are 5-3-0. What we are looking for... * A diverse champ pool of tanks, bruisers, and utility. * Strong communication (Ally and enemy teleports/flash, ward locations, ect.) * Open to constructive criticism from the team as well as our coaches. * The ability to untilt from losses and grow from victories. * Non toxic and friendly. What you need... * Must be between gold 4 and gold 1, we would prefer gold 2 to gold 1, but we will take a look at all applicants. * Zero accounts that are higher ranked than gold 1, we have already had two wins taken away from us for a a smurf we had no idea was on the team. * A working mic and headset. * As the top laner you will be first pick in every single tournament style match we play in, so the larger amount of champions owned the better. Sorry if we appear harsh, but I can assure you that Rabid Ravens will help you grow as a player and become the league of legends player you want to be. Please leave your IGN and I will reach out to you sometime tonight!

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