Gold Team LF Top, Jungle, Mid

Top: Jungle: Mid: ADC: Scrambies Support: Nannerz If you would like to try out please fill out the application below and then add Scrambies in game and let me know you commented here. We are a very calm and collected team. We ask that you do not rage and try to show up to practice 5 minutes early. Practice Times: (9pm Central) Exact days will be decided later. Practice will be 3-4 days a week starting at 9pm Central time. We will not practice Friday and Saturday. We use Discord to stay connected in and outside of league and let everyone know if you are running late for practice or need more time for anything. Tryouts will be at 9pm Central IGN: Role: Rank(Last season): Flex rank: Top 5 champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Have Discord downloaded + mic?: Available to make practice times(9pm Central)?: Would you be dedicated to making practice and tourney times?:
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