Serious New Team LF Top and Jung Mains

Hello! My name is Shawn and my IGN is Ricardo Mìlos. I am here to look for two people seeking to join a brand new serious style team. We are primarily interested in players who main Top or Jungle. Mid, ADC, and Support have been filled already. We prefer people 18 years old or higher within the ranks of high silver to platinum. Below I will post a somewhat lengthy application that I will fill out for myself as an example. Only those who put the time into completing the application will be taken into account. Please do not add me in game, if you are picked to tryout I will send you a friend request. Before the application, I would like to inform you that the other two players so far on the team are new to team play. So please, bare with them and help them adjust. Thank you! For voice communication, in game we use the League client's voice, but for first talks I will talk to you alone in Discord to start the conversation. One last thing, toxicity will not be tolerated by any player including myself, and any instance may result to immediate removal from the team. On the application there will be a section labeled "Shotcalling*" what this means is that can you either Shot call or listen to another Shotcaller. I will be gone for a bit to go train, but once returning back to my PC I will start looking at applications. Example Application: In Game Name (IGN): Ricardo Mìlos Rank: Platinum 3 Age: 19 Role: AD Carry Playstyle (Aggressive, Macro-Focused, etc.): Passive/Macro-Focused Champion Pool: Sivir, Caitlyn, Xayah, Vayne, etc. Communitcations: Discord, League Voice Availability: Everyday usually in the afternoon. Timezone: Central Shotcalling*: Yes, I can do both Are You Able to Adhere to a Schedule?: Yes Are You Willing to Learn New Champions for a Team Composition?: Yes If you have any questions add them at the bottom of your application. I cannot wait to hear from some of you! Until then, see ya! Application Template In Game Name (IGN): Rank: Age: Role: Playstyle (Aggressive, Macro-Focused, etc.): Champion Pool: Communitcations: Availability: Timezone: Shotcalling*: Are You Able to Adhere to a Schedule?: Are You Willing to Learn New Champions for a Team Composition?:
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