Relaxed, team oriented Silver+ Top laner wanted!

Hello there, fine people of the boards! We are looking for a consistently available, independent, and team-oriented top laner for Flex queues (and Clash, when it is inevitably released). We are a group of friendly, relaxed, and (normally) tilt-free League of Legends players who also play other games. While other games are nice, we are looking for a reliable 5th for trying to rank up in flex League. I run a relaxed and tilt-free positive video game server and are hoping you will fit in well. Here's what we are looking for from you: A relaxing, cool-headed, **hard to tilt** tank/utility top laner who likes to bring teleport and has a wide champion pool (not looking for one tricks preferably, and also can include bruisers, but looking for tank players based on how the meta is shifting and the rest of our team's playstyle). We want someone who is looking to **GROW WITH US** as we play the game and **IMPROVE TOGETHER**. A little about us: Myself, Jungler: Unofficially official Clash captain. Season 8 peaked at Silver 2- 100LP solo/duo approx 100 games played (65-70% win rate), versatile champion pool (bruisers, tanks, mages, util, off-tanks). Pros: Shot caller, very good macro/marco play calling, good vision, not seflish when it comes to taking kills/dying so the carry can escape if the situation calls for it, understands the "big picture" gameplay the best and often goes for that play. Cons: Likes to go in (more often then I should be), individual mechanics, tends to tilt easily so I surround myself with calming presences, trying to do "big picture" gameplay play and not being around when/if the party needs me from time to time (team pushing down mid inhib, I a countering the enemy jungler and taking dragon because he is the only one strong enough to carry their team out of the losing situation). Mid-laner: Methodical, calculating, smart. Season 9 Silver 3 solo/duo (62% win rate), normally sticks to mages, but can play most midlaners at a comparable level to opponents. Pros: knowledgeable about the game, good micro, plays safe, secondary support so likes vision and roaming. Cons: Likes to use his own builds (if not necessarily the "correct"/"highest win rate" builds because DOPA builds that way), quick to get discouraged in game if he feels like he isn't contributing/is going continue to lose to his opposing laner forever, sometimes needs prodding to join on an initiation but admittedly (as his jungler and best friend, he has gotten WORLDS better with this). ADC: Dominant, intense, funny. Season 8 Gold 4 peak (duoed with me, pretty sure he had similar win-rates/games played). As an ADC, plays all marksmen but tends towards hypercarries (not the hottest if mages come back into the meta but we can figure that out if that comes up). Pros: very good micro player, team-fight shot caller, VERY SKILLED teamfighter, frequently lane dominant. Cons: has his emotes bound to the 4 key (doesn't like to ward), will know-it-all you in the moment and apologize after the game. Support: Calming, skillful, daring. Season 9 Silver 3 in solo/duo, but peaked Gold in Flex Season 8. Vast champion pool, tends towards tanky "play-makers" and mages (Thresh, Pyke, Braum, Vel'koz). Pros: makes proactive plays, gels very well with the ADC, very good vision control, is an extremely calming presence, isn't afraid to roam frequently or make crazy roams (Clash game one he roamed from bot lane at 1:40 to topside jungle to help secure a kill on a late invade; highlight video available upon request). Cons: Honestly, I can't think of many off the top of my head. He has a lot of personal things I think he would say, but for this ELO he's more than fine, just needs to play more games and climb. As a team we are a winning, fun loving group of memers who focus on having fun and hope to develop, climb, and grow as players. We shore up each other's weaknesses, where one person comes up short, the others raise them up. We joke frequently in call and enjoy knowing the game, while also playing other games with each other some nights. If we seem like a good group for you, reply here and add me in game and we will get you in at some point for a mini-tryout. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers friends!
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