LF Mid Laner + Top Laner Subs

Hello and we are the Double Dippers! We are looking for a new substitute Mid Laner and Top Laner for our competitive league that we are in. Matches are typically on the weekend evenings and we practice 2-3 times a week during the week. If you are asked to practice with us on a given day we will guarantee you at least one game in the official matches we play for that week (and possibly more depending on performance in said game). Low-stress on subs as we have people who can fill in multiple positions if you aren't able to fill in there isn't as much stress. Ideally, on occasion we'd like to see scrim matches between the starters and the subs for practice for everyone. Ideally you are a fun and outgoing person who can take feedback well. This is a position to facilitate growth and doesn't have the same pressures as a starting position so if you are newer to the competitive team scene this could also help you to learn about and get into that. We have a pretty stable group of people that have been together for a few months so we do enjoy joking around and light hearted conversation between everyone. Half of us even play other games together outside of league just due to the friendship we have in our team. If this is something you think you would fit in well with please provide the following information: IGN: Describe your personality: Top 5 champions: Worst 5 champions Availability:
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