Frostflare eSports is looking for a new support!

We're looking for someone who is interested in growing as a team, has a semi flexible schedule & will take criticism. We're hoping to find someone who is not just a 1 trick, but can actively play what is needed for specific team compositions (OR at least willing to learn new champions, we're all patient & lets face it, we're silver.) If you could just answer a few questions for me & then send me a friend request in game, that'd be fantastic! Are you able to communicate using a mic?: What does your champion pool consist of?: Are you able to make practices Monday, Tuesday & Thursday? (We can be flexible if you make the team): Are you willing to take the game seriously, grow to be a better player & compete in small tournaments & scrims?: My in game name is: JÜŃGŁĘ (copy and paste it) ; Send me a request after you've posted here, I'll check the answers and set up a tryout time. :)
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