Plat Team LF High Plat / D5 Mid Laner or Jungle

Mirage White is a 5s team in the established Mirage Organization. We are trying out mids (or jungles) to complete the roster for our upcoming leauge. If interested, please add "Tae Kitty" in game, or "Tae#6969" on discord. Team Details - Top: Plat 1 - JG: TBD - Mid: Plat 4 - Adc: Plat 3 - Support: Plat 5 While elo only means so much, this is included to show the scope of the team in current solo que rank for anyone who cares. What we are looking for in a jungle for our roster - Shotcaller. We are missing a primary and vocal shotcaller for the team. - Prefers to play more supportive / tanky / heavy CC jg's like J4, Rek'Sai, Sejuani, Etc. - Easy to get along with - Takes the game more seriously than other plat players - Is willing to committ to a set practice schedule, sit through VOD reviews, and listen to coaching staff evaluation and assistance! Play in the Mirage Community with other players :) Serious applicants please. Tryouts are in a flex que or scrimset format! Mirage Gaming is a Global Organization with competitive League, CS:GO & Smash players in NA, LAN & Europe! We have gotten teams into the Challenger Series, Challenger rank and now look towards helping players improve as well as fulfill their dreams of LCS! We are currently looking for various positions in our two sister teams. The two sister teams will not only compete in biweekly scrims with their sister team but also play in quarterly tournaments with other organizations!

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