Gold Gravity Gaming Recruiting Jungle & Support Mains

We're a team currently comprised of Gold players, with many years of league experience and a mindset to improve. Looking for players that can take criticism upon themselves and not blame others. Blaming others and toxicity is a reason as to why we're looking to fill these two roles once again. The Discord channel is below; please fill it out with the application with the following information Summoner Name: Age: Role: Availability: Mains/Champion Pool: Rank: Peak Rank: Why should we consider you for the team?: We will be doing tryouts at 10 PM and getting grouped up tonight to get things rolling at 9:45. We will be playing 2 games with each tryout, and rotating someone new into our tryout each game (interchanging Jungle and Support) to see who the right fits are. We'll see you then!

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