LF Silver-Gold Mid Laner

If you are interested please fill out the following: **Timezone: Top 5 Champions: Weakness: Strengths: Availability: Why do you want to be part of a Serious/Dedicated Team? What is your favorite type of comp (I.e. split, catch, protect, teamfight, etc.)? How do you want communication and play to go between you and the jungler?** We are **The Double Dippers.** We are looking for an Mid Laner who is fun, has a good personality and able/willing to be committed to a team long-term. We all are working towards improvement so we want someone who isn't perfect but is patient and wanting to grow and improve as a player. Ideally this person will be able to play multiple play styles where we aggressively play through them, or passively farm and help the jungler, can play various champions, etc. Ideally we want a communicative and fun person who can joke around with all of us and can take + give feedback in a constructive manner. We aren't looking for the best mechanical player, personality is our biggest factor when considering people. We can work with you at improving if you aren't fully there but the personality really has to fit for it to work and you NEED to just communicate things, if you're upset calmly explain why don't rage at us, talk with us be a real person! Practice occurs three times a week on a hard schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 8:30 PM CST and will usually last around 2 hours. We won't ask for any further hard commitment beyond that but if you happen to be on and want to play with some of us on other times by all means please do! We all want to be friends with each other. Tryouts work in 2 stages each consisting of 1-2 games. The first stage we will bring you in, ask some questions and just get to know you as a person. After that point we will give you some feedback about what we thought and also ask for feedback about what you thought of us, then after we all have had some time to think about the feedback we will setup stage 2 to see how we all took the feedback and responded to it. If it fits at that point we would make you an offer!
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