LF Gold/Plat Mid Laner

If you are interested please fill out the following: Timezone: Top 5 Champions: Weakness: Strengths: Availability: Why do you want to be part of a Serious/Dedicated Team? What is your favorite type of team comp? How do you prefer the laning phase play out? We ideally want our mid laner to be the best player on our team so you need to have the personal ability here, we need someone who is strong and stable as a laner and knows what they want to do with their matchups and the game. This person ideally will handle the mid game shot calling so that we all will know exactly what this person wants and are able to provide that for them. Assassins and feast or famon lanes aren't really going to work out as well in our team but you may be able to get some in. This person also needs to really have a level head, just because this person will have a higher amount of mechanical skill than others on the team does not make them above everyone else. We are a team that works together to win and fully hold our mid laner to the same standards of respect as everyone else. Practice occurs three times a week on a hard schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 8:30 PM CST (Tu, Th) and 9:30 PM CST (Su). They usually last around 2 hours. We won't ask for any further hard commitment beyond that but if you happen to be on and want to play with some of us on other times by all means please do! We all want to be friends with each other. We play in a competitive league, there isn't any buy-ins or anything like that but we aren't just playing flexed non-stop we setup scrims and have those games as frequently as possible. As such we are looking for someone to fit in more long-term. We have some very strong opinions on this team so we are looking for someone who knows how to play and can communicate what they themselves need to accomplish that, beyond that they need to work with us as a team and be patient. We aren't perfect players nor do we expect you to be, just be patient, have fun, and work with us!

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