Team Nobu Recruiting Top Tier Ad Carry.

We are looking for a starting ADC who can be VOCAL in lane. Tryouts will be held tonight at 1030 PM EST!! We are looking for consistent and reliable players that are trying to find a long term team with structured practices and scrims. We are currently in the building process of the LoL team. Gold in Flex (Or able to get to plat quickly - we practice in flex Gold in Solo (S9 or current) Discord and Mic for communication Available 10:30PM-3:00AM EST most weekdays to practice Available for the once a week tourney Bo3 match (We get to schedule them) If interested reply with the following information AND THEN ADD That Way IGN: Role: Solo Rank: Flex Rank: Champion Pool: Team Experience: Availability: Shotcalling 1-10: Other Information: Thanks!

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