Gold+ Organization LF ADC <Major Drip>

Have you been playing league for a long time, but still don&#039;t have a consistent group of players to play with? Have you ever been interested in playing in tournaments with an official team? Do you want to work on your game, while simultaneously climbing through the ranks with ease? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you would be a good fit for Major Drip. Background: Major Drip is an up and coming LoL organization that wants dedicated players with good game knowledge and team skills. We have two teams as of now with a skill level that ranges from high Silver to low Diamond (Team Icebox and Team Overflow). Teams aren&#039;t divided by rank, but by synergy and play-style. We have had 25+ players try out and so far only 10 have been offered a spot in the organization. This organization reflects the important qualities of league, which are teamwork, communication, and enjoyment. Requirements: -must be Gold 1 solo/duo -must have a mic and discord -must be willing to participate in team practices and tournaments -someone who is seriously looking for a team and shows dedication -someone who respects others and doesn&#039;t resort to toxic behavior Practices: -team gatherings will be 2-3 times a week and usually after 5pm EST -depending on attendance, teams will either play against each other in custom games or queue up for draft/flex as a team -official practices will only be about 2 or 3 games, but if the teams want to continue to practice together then it will go on for as long as everyone wants Once we have a solid group of teams, I will be entering us into tournaments when the new season begins (most tournaments offer prize money to the winners!). Each team will have a Team Captain that showcases the important qualities of the organization (team player, good call outs, not toxic, etc). Please only reach out if you are a dedicated LoL player who is looking to take their game to the next level. We&#039;ve had some commitment issues with previous players that conflict with the team as a whole and I would like to make sure that we don&#039;t run into that problem again. If you are interested please add me on LoL: youngthugfanacct and message me with your completed version of this template! IGN: Solo/Duo and Flex Ranks: Top 2 Roles: Top 5 Champions: Has mic/discord: Are you available most days after 5pm EST?:
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