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Hi there, we are the Double Dippers! We are participants in an active lol LCS style tourney league and we've been having some problems. Specifically the group we have now just feels like it is missing an identity. Additionally we all are honestly pretty good friends so none of us really are comfortable just bluntly laying it straight when mistakes happen so we aren't growing as much as we could be. This is where a potential coach comes in. We are wanting you to be our game plan. Drafts/comps is on you, you get to be that unbiased 3rd party that tells us who is doing what wrong and potentially work with us to go about how we can fix or correct that. If we are being totally honest as well our org has been around for almost a year now and we haven't ever had a coach so we aren't sure how a team is supposed to properly implement one. We are a gold average team (Gold 3 avg) comprised of a mix between Silver and plat players. Most of the teams in our league are around this point too. We want you to help us figure our team out with the roster we have. What's our identity? What exactly is "our game"? Questions like this are what we need help figuring out! If you're interested please let me know! We hold practices every Tu, The, Sat, and games on Su, so the more of those you could be at the better! We want you to be our captain, collaborator, and fearless leader!
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