[NA][Plat2+][Team of Diamond LF Mid]

Hello, My name is ButterloverxD, member of a serious team looking for a p2+ mid Main. We will be practicing 3-4 times a week and intend to compete in a league as well as various tournaments. This team is intended to be competitive, meaning we need a commitment to be on time and ready for practice. We also ask for applicants to be willing to look at high elo replays and self review their own vods. We have strict practice and will need applicants to be able to handle the criticism that reviewing vods will bring. Requirements------- At Least Plat in flex queue.(any rank will work but need to work on getting plat) This is to be able to play with the team for practice when we do not have scrims set up beforehand. 17 years of age or older. Available at least 3-4 days a week from from 8pm-11pm est (Days and hours are flexible). Discord and a working microphone Recommendations---------- Large champion pool that encompasses meta champions. Discipline and punctuality Positive mindset (Mental strength) Confidence to speak up in and out of game. Optional ---------- Shot-calling experience (Highly recommended) Experience in other roles Please fill this out --------- Ign: Rank solo and flex: Availability: About you: Strengths: Weakness: Why you want to join: Top 5 Champions: Any other champions you are proficient on: Thanks for reading and I hope to get back to you guys soon! Please post in this thread if you want your application to be read. Don't Friend me
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