Looking for Gold-Plat Jg/Mid/Top

Hi we are the Double Dippers and looking for players to slot into our starting roster. If you are interested in any of the mentioned positions please fill out the information below and read the relevant paragraph to your position to see what type of player we are looking for. Also please note if you JUST send me a DM I will not accept it, you need to fill out the info below so we have some information on ya, we aren't just going to try you out just because, we want to make sure you fit with us and us with you. **Position: Top 5 Champions: Laning Playstyle: **(Farming, Roaming, Skirmishing, etc.) **Mid-Late Game Playstyle: **(Teamfighting, Splitting, Peeling, Engaging, Catching, etc.) **Availability: Can you shotcall: Do you prefer to shotcall: Any previous team experience: Biggest Strengths in game: Biggest Weaknesses: ** **Top** If I am being honest we usually don't send a lot towards top lane. We are looking for a player who isn't afraid to give up things short-term in lane to pull off bigger plays and moves with the team to give us advantages elsewhere. Proper wave management and control, map awareness, and play-style versatility are key. This person ideally controls vision well and can play a variety of champions and styles (tank, bruiser, duelist, carry, etc.) and can survive laning phase without taking too many hits or giving up too much while playing with the team. **Jungle** We need a shotcaller, that either needs to come from here or Mid lane but preferably here. Someone who can manage the mid-late games and bring the decisions to manage the game once laning phase is over. This person must be organized, team-work oriented and have excellent communication skills. In terms of Jungler-specific aspects we are looking for someone who focuses on the neutral objectives, manages and researches optimal routing and pathing on their own, maintains Jg tempo properly, and is focused on tracking the enemy jungler. **Mid** A shotcaller is needed so it needs to come from either our Jg or our Mid but our Jg will be the preferred shotcaller, let us know if you are capable of it though. This person ideally is the best player on the team skill-wise. We want this person to be the one who can take over games consistently and works well with the jungler. Our team will ideally view the Mid and Jg as a 2 person unit much like Bot and Supp so you would be working hand in hand with the jungler to acquire whatever is necessary for you. Biggest thing we are looking for in this person is being skilled enough to be the best but also having the right personality and attitude to match it. You are expected to be the best so if you are that doesn't mean you can flame or trash talk the rest of the team or belittle them, constructive criticism, good communication, and a big dose of humility with a fun personality will get you the furthest in this role. If the above description matches you please fill out the above questions and let us know!

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