[Gold 1 - Plat 3][All Roles] Safe Refuge - Team Recruitment

Hello, I am a Diamond LoL player who enjoys coaching other players. I have coached for multiple amateur teams in the past, but have never organized my own team. My goal with this post is to create a team of (Gold 1 - Platinum 3) players, help them improve as individuals, and guide them to a better understanding of teamplay. To apply, either respond to this post or add me in-game (IGN: flond) providing: Your in-game name Your current rank Your peak rank Preferred role Top 3 Champions Your timezone and availability Reason for Applying (optional) SoloQ performance is one of a few factors, also including receptiveness to criticism, willingness to learn, and availability that will factor into the decision. To give us a feel for these things, a small tryout tournament will be held between the applicants so that the staff members can get a live feel for everyone’s abilities. The tryout tournament will be held this or the following Saturday in the evening, depending on the volume of responses. Thanks for reading, Flond. (Post 2)
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