Looking to set up a casual team (Silver-Gold)

Hey friends, I'm currently Silver 2 in Solo/Duo and Silver 3 in Flex. I used to play ranked 5s when that was still around and that was a lot of fun, so I'm hoping to get a group of guys together that would be down to do that semi regularly. I play most nights at around 11pm cst for a few hours, and then also available most weekends whenever. Hoping to find some fun individuals who would be down to play some games and get to know one another and climb the ranks. Plus when clash comes back I really want to get a decent team set up for that. I prefer to play jungle or mid. I have a friend who would probably play with us. He's an adc main. So looking for: JG/Mid Top Support We would be using discord for comms, preferably someone who won't take the game super seriously but still try to win. Reply here or add me in game if youre interested in joining.
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