Gold Calibur Team - Filling Support Void, Tryouts

We're a Gold level team, looking to improve and compete competitively in both Clash, Leagues and eventually, as well as other competitive higher stakes tournaments. We're looking for a communicative Jungle and Support who's personality meshes with the team, doesn't have a problem with criticism and has a drive to both learn and improve in a competitive 5s environment. We're currently doing tryouts if interested. Our discord server can be found here: We'll be doing Support tryouts here in a few. As of currently, we're waiting on our Jungler to log in to begin tryouts and are currently watching the Semi-Finals in a team chat, analyzing, discussing things that were done well and not well, learning from the game as a team to not make similar mistakes and informing one another of what to expect from each other when put in similar scenarios. Feel free to jump into our Discord and jump into the conversation along with us! We'll get you a tryout and just generally welcome you into our team community!

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