Gold Mid Laner - LF Team

I'm a Mid laner currently in Gold ELO looking for a team to join. Current availability to play is either early mornings or late at night (around midnight). Use to be a Plat top main and recently moved to mid lane so champ pool is still a little weak but the ones I can play I can play well. I do have previous team experience and great at shotcalling and play making. Below are a list of basic information about me: **IGN**: panD3MONium **Rank/ELO**: Gold **Role**: Mid **Top 3 Champions**: Galio, Ahri, and Orianna **Availability**: 9am to 1pm, or 12am to 5am CST/US **Mic**: Yes, and great quality. Prefer to use Discord. If interested you can either reply to this thread or contact me through League client. Prefer to have a conversation with the owner of the team before trying out to make sure both parties are interested in one another.

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