Greatest mind alive is looking for new friends to play with in bronze.

Hello everyone and today I am here to ask for a simple request. I need friends to play with in bronze as I form my new teams lol. This game is honestly really, and I mean extremely, easy and if there is one thing Riot has personally, yes personally, taught me it's that I have to go out of my own way to form a group of friends or else I will just be stuck as being a joke to them. I know how skilled I am and I know for a fact that all of you are more than likely very skilled as well, you just haven't truly been able to tap into your skill. I can sit here and offer you many things but the most important thing I will be offering you is **a fun time!!!**. I am on a very solid path to try and go out and prove a simple point and as long as you want to have fun playing League, while trying your best to help others, we will all have a great time playing this extremely easy game. TL;DR - Come to and say hi or add me in-game " Walkswithall " if you want to group up and have fun in or around bronze. Oh and I'm one of the best players in the world atm so yeah there is that as well.
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