Rule Questions

Hey I just started again and I have a few Rule Questions. - when I tow a bomb and push a mech with the same move. How much movement do I need? 2 or 3? Because towing and pushing needs 2, but what if I do both in the same move? - Is there friendly fire? - The FAQ says: "Towing: If you have moves left after towing, you must use them. When mechs tow or are towed onto oil slicks, they slide as normal with the towed object following behind to rest in the oil. You can even tow with a Haywire Control damage card…!" What does that exactly mean? Lets say in my first slot I have 3 movement. Towing costs 2. So I have 1 left. Does that mean I have to move another tile without the bomb? Or same question if I have 2 movement in the first slot and 1 movement in the second slot. Do I have to move one tile without the bomb? Thanks for in advance for answering :-) - Does DoubleDraft change anything when playing with 2 players? Since it says everyone draws until they have 2 cards. Which is the same in a normal round, since you only take 4 cards.
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