Schematic card activation confusions.

I feel some of the rules in the game aren't super clear in the mission briefings, but then are normally explained even less in the manual. One of these notable occasions is in the schematics in which I don't fully understand when they're activated. For example, Tristana's first schematic (I can't remember the name of it) activates on the 3 gear track, but does that then mean that their next turn they HAVE to use the schematic, used at the start or end of their card order, and then is discarded. Same with the Hexmine field for Heimer, once you flip it on 4 gear, you basically start taking damage each turn, as it says to use it at the start of your turn and if you want to hold onto it, you draw a damage. So I think my main query is that once they're flipped, are they immediately used on the following turn, or can you hold onto the schematic for when you actually WANT to use it and THEN discard it. For the hack schematics it just seems annoying that they're one use schematics, but also have little tactical variance if you have to use them the next available moment, and then get rid of it.
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