Mechs vs Minions Radioplay

​Hey Everyone, My name is Jonathan "Zonum" Munoz and I'm part of the team at Riot that created Mechs vs Minions. As we worked on MvM it became clear there was a story surrounding these characters and their adventure we wanted to share. To do this we brought in some voice actors from League of Legends to reprise their roles as the champions in MvM, which allowed us to craft a full fledged radioplay so you can listen to the game's story as you play! Using the radioplay lets you follow the cast as you both progress through the campaign and provides narrative context for each mission (usually in the form of Ziggs wanting to blow something up). Also keeping in mind board games can be played anywhere at anytime, we've constructed the radioplay so it can be used on most computers as well as mobile browsers! This experience is totally optional and may not be for everyone. But we hope you find it as much fun as we had making it! While we recommend listening to the radioplay while playing MvM, you can check it out now on the Mechs vs Minions website! But be warned, there are **MAJOR SPOILERS** about the campaign if you'd rather save the surprise for when you can play along! Hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts!
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