Mech vs Minions Australia?

Hey, As a huge board game fan who unfortunately isn't made from money and lives in Australia. Was wondering if there has been any updates on the likeliness of distribution in Australia? The last available information I could find on this was over seven months ago: with complaints about an additional 80% Shipping cost >Riot Kades: > Hey, this is a very fair complaint. I'll be the first to say that the cost to ship from NA to Oceanic regions is obscene. I don't want that cost for you - that's definitely not where we're padding our revenues or anything. The original plan was just to distribute in NA and EU. We chatted about whether to include AUS with that, and I ultimately said yes. Not because I, personally, found the shipping costs reasonable - but because I wanted to let AUS players decide. I'd rather have given you the option. >Keep in mind, BGG is primarily for English speakers, but League serves a global audience. So we're not, yet, shipping to Korea or Russia or Japan or Argentina. And while the EU store can reach these countries, we haven't yet translated the game to German, French, Italian, Czech, so for many people in those regions (and many, many others), the game is still unavailable. For AUS, the game is still basically unavailable, but AUS is also a unique snowflake in that we speak the same basic language - so we won't need to reprint a new language for you. >I can't commit to when (or in many cases IF) we'll be able to get the game to other regions, and Oceanic regions fall squarely in that bucket. Part of that depends on demand - though there can definitely be other factors. Every country is different. But until the day we can get local distribution sorted, you could be in the same boat as Japan or Russia or Korea and not even have the option. >Ultimately, I'd encourage you to only get MvM when you feel it's worth it to you and your situation. There's not intended to be a hard sell, here, and if I can get it distributed in AUS in the future, I will. I'd hate for you to spend through the nose on shipping and 12 months later, you're frustrated that the guy down the street got it for cheaper. This game looks amazing If I had the money I would definitely purchase it. But at the same time I don't want to miss out on the opportunity if there is no plans for further prints or expansion to other regions such as Australia.

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