Misprint in Field Guide & Textbook

Hi, I just want to share that I found a "misprint", or rather mistake in formatting on pages 12 - 13 of the Field Guide & Textbook. I was looking for an answer related to Schematics and found that the section "Team gears" on page 13 is missing the entire part with activation, slotting etc. and found it added by mistake to section "Scrap to reprogram" on page 12. I checked it with the electronic version of the rulebook for Wave 2 here on BGG and confirmed it definitely is a mistake. I took a photo of my rulebook showing what is actually going on: http://imgur.com/a/F3Smg I actually wrote a ticket to Riot Games support, but they replied that they are unable to do something about it themselves and I should report the mistake here. I purchased the game from official Riot Games merchandise distribution as a part of Wave 2 (my number is 11836). A replacement of this Textbook would be great and very much appreciated, but I am not entirely sure, if it is possible before Wave 3 (next print session) takes place. Phil Greenfly (Ariandel)
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