The Roaming Wardens

The Roaming Wardens
It was all quiet in the land of Misc... the birds were singing, summoner's rift was ablaze with friendly competition, and players from NA were discussion their thoughts... when all of the sudden they hear this voice. "Warp field stabilized... WARDENS HAVE ARRIVED" Did you like the Sta
_It was all quiet in the land of Mechs vs. Minions... the birds were singing, the summoners were playing board games, and minions were screaming in terror... when all of the sudden they hear this voice. "Warp field stabilized... WARDENS HAVE ARRIVED"_ Did you like the Starcraft reference? No? Well, darn it here I thought I was being funny... Well, without further interruption with references, I will be introducing the roaming wardens! ------------------------------ #**Who are we?** We are the roaming wardens from all over the world (roaming and all over the world... I know I did it again). We are largely responsible for the following boards: [Bug Reports](, [Boards Feedback](, [E-Sports](, [Misc.](, [Mechs vs. Minions](, and [Player Recruitment]( Whew that's a lot! However, we do enjoy volunteering and we are going to be around all of these boards proactively (posting in threads, commenting, and locking them if needed) and reactively (same thing, but we follow reports from players). With that said, we apply the universal rules here and will be enforcing them. ------------------------------ #**What we plan do do** We are here for you the players and the community. We are primarily focused on working with you all to make the boards better and to help individuals find the right resources if they need it. In other words, we're not just moderators but part of the community too. With that said, we will depend on the community to give us their feedback and to report things to us that we do not see. This can be done with the standard report feature we have on the boards and the [Boards Moderation Discord]( which we all use. ------------------------------ #**Introductions and Silly** Now! With all of the serious stuff out of the way, I can introduce all of us! ----------- #_Galacius (The Goofball)_ I’ve been playing League since S5 and I currently main support with a secondary in jungle. I am in silver elo with a long term goal of gold elo. In real life, I have a BA in Criminal Justice and I am pursuing an MA in Justice Administration. Also, I have a fascination with Ahri's tails and Jhin's "art" projects. ----------- #_From the Cosmos (Forever Coding)_ Hello, I'm From The Cosmos, you'll rarely hear from me, see me or know I exist. I prefer a more hands off approach unless a discussion or comment is in beach of the Universal Rules." *whisper... He's really busy but he makes sure things work. We appreciate him greatly.* ----------- #_Fondling Gems (Taric Main)_ Heyo, I am Fondling Gems, your local Taric lover. I am about to finish up my first year of programming college with a focus in games and artificial intelligence. I also work part time teaching a bunch of truly Truly TRULY Outrageous kids to program. Oh, I also make Taric jokes. ----------- #_Explorer Ezreal (The Mascot)_ I like anime (Aaaaaaaahhhh). ----------- #_Attysu the Poro (The Poro)_ Heya guys! I’m Attysu The Poro (though a lot of people just call me Atty), and I’ve been playing League since S4. I’m a Bronze scrub who just loves hanging out and helping out. I will be a Senior in high school, with a plan to get a degree either in Graphic Design or Communications. Before I was brought over to Roaming, I was a Warden for Player Behavior. It’s nice to meet you all! Oh, I almost forgot. I’m a Lux main. Huehue. ----------- #_Furor Nexis (Captain Allergy)_ "Insert stereotype about Irish people here. Well, I can vouch that they're ALL true and I can prove it! hic" ----------- That's it for us! If you have any questions for us or where we hide our Poro snax (we won't tell... Atty steals them) then reply! Oh, I almost forgot... "You [all] belong in a museum"
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