How does Oil work with towing?

While doing Weekly Mindmelters, specifically the level 5 one, I ran into the issue of not really knowing how towing works with Oil slicks. The FAQ Gameplay Questions has this to say on the subject: >When mechs tow or are towed onto oil slicks, they slide as normal with the towed object following behind... which made me think that the towed object will follow the towing mech, which slides on the oil and stops on the grass after, like this: But after looking into the Field Guide, the passage on Oil Slick on page 9 says this: >When a Mech, Minion, or Bomb moves onto an Oil Slick, it keeps moving in the same direction until it collides with a wall, obstacle (including other Mechs or Bombs), or the **edge of the board**. Following the terminology on the Field Guide, a single square taken by a minion or a mech is called a Space. The 6x6 cardboard squares are called Map Tiles and the specific combination of Map Tiles for a single mission is the Game Board. This leads me to believe the towing would instead work so that the sliding mech will go all the way to the across the map if it doesn't hit anything, like this: And finally we can come back to the FAQ Gameplay Questions quote from earlier, which continues like this: > rest in the oil. This line finally confuses me to no end, since if there should be no reason for the towed object to stay at rest on the oil as it should be "following behind" the towing mech as the FAQ said. So unless the towing mech hits an obstacle right after the Oil Slick, the towed object should follow suit however far the towing mech slides. If anyone has an answer on how actually towing and Oil slicks work, that would be quite swell.
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