Riot went and did it.....

So a while back Riot said that they didn't want to delve into other genres/expansion of LOL. They said something along the lines of not wanting to create something that lets down their player base. LOL has a huge following and turning out something shoddy would cheapen their reputation . I feel like they did exactly that with this dumb board game. First off it cost $75, really riot, its a tabletop game that maybe cost $9 to make and you charging more than the price of a new release video game. Second, the game itself, is it bad ass champs, epic battles and cool game pieces... nope its yordles playing on stupid contraptions fighting minions. In my opinion they couldve created a really shitty single player campaign for lol, or a comic book, or a anime series, hell anyhing would be more worth the money than a board game
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