PvP Adjustment

Just finished the complete PvP system of MvM. take a look and leave your thoughts please, thank you! FIRST THING FIRST! Before the set up of everything, make sure all schematic cards as well as damage cards in the later missions' packet are included. Max # of players: 4 Modes 1v1 (3 tiles needed total, positioned in a straight line, each player starts at one of the ends of the entire map) 2v2(4 tiles needed, positioned just like 1v1 mode with an additional tile in between both team's starting tile) 1v1v1v1(the ultimate mayhem, 5 tiles needed, and are positioned in a cross-shape, see below) Empty Tile Empty Tile Tile Tile Empty Tile Empty Let's talk about minions first. 1. Minion movements will be determined by rolling the rune dice. 1 block each round. 2. Minions only deal damage to mechs in the adjacent spaces, not diagonal. 3. In the first three rounds, minions only spawn on the rune space of the "neutral tiles" (the tiles where no players were spawn) 4. Starting at round 4, minions will spawn on all open rune space. 5. Minions phase is still after player phase. 6. When killed, the minion will be moved next to the killer and become "bounty". Bounty is the replacement of team gear, suppose every mech is on their own. (Well maybe not in 2v2 mode) 7. Minions are still as squishy as usual, 1 damage and they are dead. Next, the mechs. 1.The drafting, playing, and executing phase are all the same, so don’t you worry about over-complication! 2.Death Mechs can “die” now for real. A mech will be considered destroyed when… 1) A mech’s entire command line are covered by slot damage cards. 2) A mech has 5 system damage cards 3) A mech has suffered 10 glitch damage (to keep track of that, keep the glicth damage cards a player has gotten collected in a pile to remind him how many glitch damage can he sustain without dying) 3. Schematic cards Schematic cards need to be changed for the sake of balance: 1) All team boost cards are now single boost, boosting you and yourself only, all for one and none for all! 2) Due to the removal of team gear, all schematic cards are collected together in the “shop” area at the start of a PvP game, each player needs to pay the correct numbers of bounties they’ve acquired to buy the schematic they desire. The bounty needed is the same number as the requirement of the team gear. 3) A player can have up to 3 boost schematic cards, if the player wants to add another boost, he must return one of the current equipped boost back to the shop without getting a refund(This shop stinks, I know. Even the overpriced one on the rift gives you refund after you’ve used the item) 4) A player can have up to 20 bounties. 4. This is robbery!!! When a player died because of another player, the killer can rob the victim, taking away up to 3 cards from the undamaged slots. However the killer can also choose to rob all of the victim’s bounties as an alternate choice. MAYHEM ESCALATION You didn’t think I would exclude an escalation mechanism in the 1v1v1v1 mode right? When the 1v1v1v1 game started, the doom tracker will start count down, from 10 to 1. At 0 the bomb will be spawned on the repair pad on 1 of the 4 outside tiles(determined by rolling the rune dice, if the repair pad is currently occupied, re-roll) After the bomb spawns, reset the doom tracker to 5, this is the health of the bomb. If it reaches 0, it will explode, dealing 5 damage to all units on the same map tile. Bomb can be pushed or towed (same mechanism as in the PvE mode), and it won’t receive any damage if it stomps a minion. However adjacent minions are still able to damage the bomb because they are so jealous that they cannot push or tow the bomb.
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