Dying waiting for news about an expansion, so I went ahead and created a roster of 4 new characters

I haven't fully fleshed out all 10 schematics for each character yet and they definitely aren't playtested or balanced, but let me know what you think! I really like boost schematics and the hack schematics that you can reuse conditionally, so I haven't made many examples of true single use hack schematics. {{champion:85}} Kennen - Electric - exploit and enhance the versatility of electric commands Overdrive - when executing chain lightning, you may move to an adjacent space before selecting targets. Schematics - Mark of the Storm / Gear 5 / mission 2 / hack schematic: Play after executing an electric command to execute the command stacked below it in the slot. If one of the commands killed at least 3 minions, do not discard mark of the storm. Shuriken Launchers / Gear 4 / mission 3 / boost schematic: All mech's rip saw's can fire in a forward diagonal line. Ball Lightning / Gear 5 / mission 4 / hack schematic: Play before executing your command line. Your movement commands for this turn may be executed in any direction regardless of which direction you are facing. Electrical Surge / Gear 7 / mission 6 / boost schematic: All Mechs' Chain Lightnings can target two initial targets, but bounce 1 fewer time when doing so. Slicing Maelstrom / Gear 5 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically cyclotron but in all directional lines in addition to diagonal lines instead of just diagonal lines.) {{champion:240}} Kled - Fire - blaze and skewer into the fray, procrastinate on taking damage. Overdrive - scrapping a metal or fire card repairs 2 damage instead of 1. Schematics - Jousting / Gear 3 / mission 6 / boost schematic: Whenever a mech finishes executing a skewer command that killed a minion, they may rotate 180 degrees and move forward up to 4 spaces. Beartrap on a Rope / Gear 3 / mission 10 / hack schematic: Whenever you damage an enemy with hexmatic aimbots, you may move your mech as close as possible to that target. Retrieve Beartrap on a Rope every 3 team gears, and once in overdrive you do not have to discard it. Pocket Rocket Pistols / Gear 6 / mission 5 / All Mechs' Blaze: may deal their damage in diagonal spaces either in front of or behind them instead of on either side. S.K.A.A.R.L the Cowardly Mech / Gear 3 / mission 2 / hack schematic: draw 6 face down damage cards and place them on top of this card. When you would take damage, reveal one of the face down damage cards instead. You can repair any revealed damage card proactively, but once all of them are revealed, apply them in order, draw 2 more damage cards, and discard this schematic. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge / Gear 10 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically a fire version of Speed that deals damage along either side on each movement) {{champion:78}} Poppy - Metal - gain minion shields and use them as a weapon! Overdrive - After executing your command line, gain a minion shield (maximum of 1 for this ability) Schematics - Iron Ambassador / Gear 2 / mission 2 / hack schematic : Before executing your command line, damage a target within 2 range. You may scrap a minion shield to retrieve Iron Ambassador. Heroic Charge / Gear 7 / mission 4 / boost schematic : if a minion is directly in front of you after executing a move command you may stomp it and gain a minion shield (maximum of 1 for this ability). Steadfast Presence / Gear 8 / mission 10 / hack schematic: Play after minions spawn. All damage done to friendly mechs or the bomb is instead dealt to you until the next draft. Hammer Shock / Gear 6 / mission 5 / boost schematic: All Mech's Scythe commands gain a minion shield if they kill at least 1 minion. Keeper's verdict / Gear 8 / mission 9 / slot schematic: target a space within 4 spaces in front of you and select a direction. For all targets within range 1/2/3 of that space: damage all enemies and move all other mechs and the bomb 3 spaces in the chosen direction, ignoring obstacles until landing. {{champion:17}} Teemo - Computery - scout ahead for strong drafts! Command your scouts and unleash dart armageddon. Overdrive - Draft one more card every draft. Schematics - Scout's Code / Gear 5 / mission 3 / boost schematic: All Mechs': When you are the first player you may return an amount of undrafted cards to the top of the command deck up to the number of extra cards dealt. Move Quick / Gear 6 / mission 4 / hack schematic: All mechs may immediately move 1 space in any direction up to 4 times. A mech stops moving from move quick immediately once it stomps, slides on an oil slick, hits lava, reaches a repair station, or pushes. Runaan's Dart Salvos / Gear 8 / mission 7 / hack schematic: Play before executing your command line. Each time you execute a computery slot, execute all hexmatic aimbots commands slotted under the top command. You may draft 2 less cards when you are the first player to retrieve Runaan's Dart Salvos. Hut Two Three Four! / Gear 5 / mission 8 / boost schematic: When you are the first player, once per mech per turn, whenever you would execute a move or turn command you may choose another Mech to execute it instead. Guerrilla Warfare / Gear 4 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically memory core but also your team gets to draft 1/2/3 additional card as well and Teemo takes 1/2/3 damage)
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