Gender Norms and Discrimination in Runeterra

3 myths in the transgender bathroom debate
Supporters of so-called bathroom bills say they will protect public safety by ensuring that all people, including transgender men and women, use public restrooms that correspond to their sex at birth. Opponents say their impact is much wider. Critics call them thinly veiled attempts to discriminate against and stigmatize transgender people to score political points.
I've just received 2 Mechs Vs. Minion boxes from the last preorder. I was very excited when I saw the box, as I wasn't expecting it until June! The box is beautiful, the pieces are unique, and overall it feels high quality. I'm very excited to start a campaign with my friends. It's quite a heavy box too - as board games go. I managed to lift it to read the text on the bottom but I was very surprised by one of the bullet points of "neat amenities" on the back. "Bathrooms for both male and female Yordles! (That are different rooms!)" A special point being made to declare the fact that the school offers gender separated bathrooms? I can't help but read this within the current political context where in some states transgendered individuals are facing persecution for choosing bathrooms based on their gender identities. It seems like some sort of statement concerning these transgendered people and the turmoil in many states over gendered bathrooms. In fact, it seems to _support_ some anti-trans messaging or at very least _it reinforces the gender binary norms that are causing this kind of discrimination_ in the first place. I'm very confused as to why any sort of statement about gender separated bathrooms is within the realm of necessary for this board game (or the topic of bathrooms AT ALL), especially considering the real world social issues occurring at the time of development _and_ reprints. I was a bit shocked and disappointed at reading this, because from what I understand of the company and the diverse culture at Riot, I wouldn't have expected something like this to pass. [EDIT] To be fair, I have not played the game yet. Is there some sort of gameplay mechanic which requires male and female yordles to make use of different bathrooms or something I haven't learned of yet?
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