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[]( #Overview of Memes and Games: Memes & Games is a sub-board dedicated to the following four categories: * Memes * Jokes * Forum Games * Obvious Satire Any thread whose core purpose and intent does not match one of those categories will be removed, and redirected to a more appropriate sub-board. This means simply including a meme or gif does not make the post appropriate for Memes and Games. The main idea behind the post must itself be appropriate. -------------------------------- ## Updated: November 19, 2017 * Posts must now be in written, image, or gif format. No videos. * Threads must not rely on readers going to an outside source. This means if the image does not link correctly, the thread will be deleted. A guide to correctly posting images and gifs can be found [here.]( ------------------------------- #Rules and guidelines: All posts must follow the [universal rules.]( In addition to the universal rules, the following are specific rules and guidelines for the Memes and Games sub-board: ## Forum games: * It is acceptable to run a contest, but the coordinator will need to create one main post that players will then post their submission in. Separate standalone posts will be removed and redirected, so make sure as the contest creator that you're providing proper guidelines for posting in your contest thread. * Forum-based RPG - It is acceptable to run a D&D-style campaign fully on the Boards, however you will want to have the DM create the official post and then all interaction will need to be done inside that post and not in separate posts. * Comments derailing and ignoring the topic or flow of a game thread will be removed to preserve its fun and fluidity. ##Satire: * Satirical posts are allowed on Memes and Games. However, the satire must be abundantly obvious, and the core point of the post must be humor. It is a good idea to state in your post that it is satire to avoid confusion. If a moderator doesn’t recognize it immediately as satire, it was not clear enough and will be removed. ##Community-centric posts: * Posts made directly to or about specific users are allowed, so long as the post does not contain harassment, and is appropriate for the M&G section. * For example, a Meme about a user would be acceptable ("Melledoneus playing Garen") * A meme directed at a user would be acceptable ("@Melledoneus: You when you play Garen") * A non-meme post directed at a user is **not** acceptable ("@Melledoneus: Want to play a game later?") * A meme post insulting a user is **not** acceptable ("@Melledoneus: You are a jerk") ##Format * All posts must either be in writing or as a correctly linked image/gif. If the image is not visible in the post itself (no following URLs), than the post will be removed. Videos are not allowed on M&G. Information on how to correctly post images can be found on the [here.]( ------------------------------------- Have any questions or concerns? Not sure if a post violates the rules? Please contact us through our official [Discord server](
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