Summoner's questionair

1. Brand I was trying out the game from a friends account 2. I'm going on how fun the champion is in that case I gotta go with four I mean Jhin 3. Elementalist Lux no doubt in my mind I really like the concept of that skin even though I thought there was more potential including that design in a champion 4. Ekko ult healing while if placed right can singlehandedly delete an entire team really fun to play around and you have so many options with it 5. Aurelion Sol I think he is fun but he has such a weird gameplay style I can see why people don't seem to like him much 6. "Pantheon: MY PROFESSION? Well, actually, i've always wanted to be a baker... Yes. A baker." Just loved how that got memed so hard he got a skin for it however I cant stand fighting Pantheon -_- 7. Blacksmith Poppy I actually on remembered it for how bad it is 8. Old Ga it was nice being able to pickup this item on any champion so you can have some type of defensive with a great passive (60+ Mr 60+ Armor) I think that was the stats atleast.
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