How to Treat Your Support If They Offer Advice

Let's preface this with the fact that supports should not be respected, as we all know. They are always either shieldbots with braindead kits or false supports and both are equally bad. Thus, when a support *dares* to offer the *real* players advice, we must put them in their place so they will learn. . ------------------------------------ So the first thing you're going to want to do is look at the type of support you have. Don't bother actually reading the advice, as a support their words have no merit. Is your support a Janna type enchanter? Be sure to belittle their contributions by saying they only press shield/heal, even if that's a vital part of your team composition, and ignoring their other contributions, such as crowd control or protecting the backline. EX: "Janna stfu all u do is press e u dont get to talk" Is your support an AP carry/pyke? Let them know they aren't a real support, all they do is try to ks, and that you wouldn't have to build executioner's to stop Mundo if they went Leona and held him down long enough. EX: "zyra ur just tryna get a cheap penta lol why didnt u pick a real support" Is your support a tank? No they aren't. . ------------------------------------ Now that you've got their attention, this is where you start criticizing their actions as well as their choices. Is your support 0/5/27? They have zero kills, they clearly are not contributing enough. EX: All Chat: "lol this 0/5 lulu trying to tell me how to play gg" OR "Hey Soraka, why don't you give me your opinion when your score isn't as pathetic as your life." for a more personal touch. Does your support have a few, or *god forbid* many kills? They are clearly just ksing, and any solo kills they got were because other people had gotten them low a while ago. EX: "lux I swear to god the next time u steal with ur ult im gonna dc" Important: Don't forget to remind them they aren't real supports! . ------------------------------------ In conclusion, the next time your support recommends you buy QSS to stop the Morde that has ulted and killed you 5+ times, just remember these simple guidelines to make sure they learn to never speak up again. ~~These interactions have been observed by myself and other self proclaimed highly trained psychologists, therefore this should be the most effective way to train your supports.~~
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