Camille Voice Lines through 5 layers of google translate

Here are some of Camille's voice lines put through 5 layers of google translate. Enjoy! Pick:"The accuracy is the difference between the lungs and the doctor's doctor." Ban:"I'll wait till you're good." Attacking "See my danger." "Your limitations will be your blessing." "My goals are not worrying for you." "Do not worry, I do not stop." "Your autumn is already counted." "Do something if you do not want to be something." "Thank you, thanks, when it's over." "You are not a full tenant". "What's the Best?" "You do not want your name to be my list". "Your behavior is not allowed." "I'll give you a little idea." "Do It!" "Look at your ways, or I'll get rid of them." "This job does not have beneficiaries." "You can forget it before you die." "How is it wrong?" "You are aiming for the goal." Attack Enemy Caitlyn "The law is protected when it is protected." "A little habit, a pants!" "My father bought this instrument." "I'm not one of your insults." Attack Enemy Ekko "Child, let's take into account all the consequences. Planning is right. “Do not you think you're scared?" Attacking Enemy Viktor Tell me, hmph, the third hand which makes you glorious. ": "Your conversion is no longer valid". "You are a barrier to progress, it's time to deviate." Movement "Progress has grown because of the need for death." It is difficult to create difficult memory of the past. '' "It's an unforgettable thing that hurt our souls." The correct word is lower than the smoke. ": "Fear harbors everything." "There is no truth, but the truth of truth." "Sometimes the last name should be reduced." "Violence is a way to achieve goals."(what a great lesson) "Behavior is a good servant and a dangerous king." "Elegance will not go out of fashion." "Sweetness of charity is something I can find." "The results only sleep." "I spoke to the soul about the goal of a projector." "My skills eliminate the pain of the Pilgrim." Enemy Joke Response "In your case, wisdom seems to be a dangerous threat." "I hope you think I'm scared when I break your throat." "I think the white is different and complicated." "Aw ... I think it's hard. Thank you!
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