So you want to play ranked? Here's what you need to know,brought to you by the Department of Defense So Jimmy you want to play a ranked game of League of Legends? Gee willikers Mr, that would be keen, I sure wish I was challenger. Hold on there sport, have you made sure you won't ruin other players gaming experience? What do you mean Mr? Make sure you don't put a damper on other people's gaming experience. No one wants an afk on their team. It's always good to play a custom or even normal game to see if your connection is stable, don't want those commies to disconnect you. Also make sure dinner or bed time aren't within the next hour wouldn't want to miss mom's apple pie or be tired during school, education is what makes America great and separates us from the Communists. Gosh darn it someone locked in a role I wanted, why couldn't I be first pick? Now Jimmy you have to respect the pick order, since you are last pick and support is the only role left which champ are you going to play?'s_A_Good_Life.JPG/revision/latest?cb=20090818063230 {{champion:35}} No Jimmy, instead try one of these {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:37}}, picking one of these champs will help your team out more then picking another jungler, and increase your chances of winning. Don't let your team down, and remember to be considerate, otherwise we must ask ourselves Remember Jimmy be mindful of other people, they might be in their promos and would surely be flustered about losing because of an afk or troll. One more question Mr, what if my connection isn't stable? Then stay out of my ranked games you inconsiderate F#$% or play baseball or something
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