Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)

#CLOSED: THANKS FOR PLAYING! ######*Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish!* Did you hear something? It sounds like... it sounds like someone chanting my name.... #FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! So why am I chanting my own name like some kind of crazed egomaniac? **Because this is my 100k upvote spectacular and I can do whatever I damn well please!** In all seriousness though, I would like to thank everyone here on the boards. These last few months have been quite stressful for me, and being able to have some low pressure fun here has been a huge help. So to show my appreciation, I have decided to give out some free skins! How do you win one of my very generous gifts? It is quite easy! 1. You must post an animated gif of people partying or dancing. (limit of one entry per user.) 2. You must say my name. No, I am not joking. If you do not say my name, you are ineligible for a prize. How many prizes are given out depends on the number of upvotes this post receives: * To start off, there will be a single mystery skin. * at 100 upvotes, I will grant a mystery skin to the comment with the most upvotes. **Unlocked** * at 200 , I will give out a 2nd random skin. **Unlocked** * at 300, I will give a 3rd random skin. **Unlocked** * at 500, I will grant a 4th random skin. * at 700, I will grant a 5th random skin. * and finally at 1000, there will be a final random skin. So there you have it! Get commenting and remember to party hard! > > > **How to post a gif** > * step 1: Final the desired gif > * step 2: right click the gif and click "copy image URL" (wording varies by browser) > * Step 2 alternate: if the URL does not copy correctly, open the image in its own tab and copy URL from there. > * Step 3: post URL into the comment. > * Step 4: Watch this video for motivation. > EDIT: I will be using FEK to check the total number of upvotes, so downvotes will have no effect on prizes. EDIT (5/6/16): I forgot to state an end time. Winners will be chosen Sunday evening. Also, only players from NA are eligible to win, as I do to have an account on any other server.
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