Sound of Silence but it's LoL themed

Hello long queues, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because the things that I saw playing Left me feeling like praying That the teams I had would stop being so shit They're all twits On defeat screens of silence In solo queue I felt the pain Of endless teams of lemming trains While I tried to keep my laner down I watched as they all rushed and frowned When my champ was ganked before I could cast a spell Fuck, what the hell As I respawned, in silence. And in every match I saw Ten thousand noobs, prolly more. People casting without aiming, No teamwork just all blaming, Getting ganked by junglers whose positions were never shared And no one cared, Cause there were no pings, just silence. Devs, said I, you do not know, Passes like a cancer grows. Look at the Boards, they might teach you, Prestige is shit, how can this not reach you? The rants and posts... like silent raindrops fell, and echoed in forums of silence. And bad players fed and fought, In every champ they ever bought. Noobs made every game a slog, Getting chopped up like wooden logs. But at least some Know that they are awful and aware that they can't play for shit And can't land a hit. God dammit. Cyka blyat. i spent like ten minutes on this please dont hurt me i know its bad

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