To Commemorate the New Update for League - New Wallpaper and Patch 8.40 Notes

To commemorate the new update for the game, here is a wallpaper for everyone. Patch Update 8.40 Notes: - Wards now have extra range to detect male champions. - Extra item slot for female champions. - Zhonya's Hourglass will now deal AOE damage towards male champions near you. - Report system updated: - Now you can report any male and they will be banned instantly if they respond back to you with logic. - If you are male and use the report system, your report will count only half of a normal report. - Control Ward can now deal damage to male champions. - New runes: - Mansplaining Rune - It will be instanly changed if you pick a male champion. It removes the ultimate. The rune also adds the title "Privileged" if picking a white male champion. - Room 613 Rune - Picking a female champion or anything besides a male champion will give you a safe bubble that protects you from any male champion trying to damage you. - The most awaited changes: - Male champions can not leave the pool until 2:30. - Female champions recover full hp from potions.
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