The story of the vision wards.

Once upon a time, there once lay a small little ward, unaware of whom he had been created from, nor has he had known where his origins lay. Despite the dilemma that he was encased in, the ward did what he had done best. He gave vision, like no other ward has ever done. When a single ward was placed in a tri bush near him, and he stared at it, a nice, humbling blue ward. A large creature seemed to be next to the ward, and eventually, as time passed, the ward felt immense pain. "Ugh..." The ward thought, and he desperately attempted to ignore the pain, when it felt like someone had shot him. He looked above him, a large woman who had very large fists was attacking him. The ward spoke, "Stop!", with purpose and truth. But the woman, was unrelentless, and punched him already three times. One more hit, and he'd be dead! When suddenly, a very young girl, who used a staff, trapped the woman with large fists in a cage, and shot her with a laser beam so bright, it would blind many enemies! The young girl looked at the ward, her bright blonde hair shimmering in the sunlight. She took a look at the ward and smiled, "It's okay." The ward recovered from the attack, but still, was traumatized by the large woman. He thought to himself, "What is my purpose here? Why am I here?" And, suddenly, a large yeti with a little boy on top, attacked the young pink ward. A tornado shot at the large yeti, and a samurai sliced through the yeti like no other! Damaged, the ward, lay still, he had been here longer then any other ward... When a blue ward spawned right next to him, an enemy ward sure, but still, one he could speak to. But this ward was more beautiful then he could've ever imagined, bright, blue, amazing, and she spoke to him delicately, "Hi." With the pink ward nervous, he spoke back, "Hey.." They had a conversation that seemed to last a lifetime, their friendship growing quickly, until, the young blue ward felt a sharp pain. "What is this pain..." The young blue ward muttered, and with the pink ward worried, he comforted her, "It'll be okay, trust me! I've felt that before!" The young blue ward smiled and said, "It's my time." Before the pink ward's eyes, the blue ward disintegrated before him, and he was shaken. Now, this ward was once again, alone. He stared at the walls of the river he was in, scared, and saddened. Why was he here, could someone just stab him and end him! He thought, and eventually, something interesting occurred. Many humans began attacking the beast that was next to him, the beast desperately attempting to fight back. The beast seemed dangerous, but when the humans weren't there, he was dancing around in his pit, enjoying himself, but it seemed that humans ruined the rift that he had been in. When, a large sound echoed through the entire rift, and the cheers of fellow heroes echoed throughout the rift. The map turned white, and before he knew it, the ward's river was slowly being taken away. With little left to the wards life, he muttered, "Goodbye.", and disintegrated into the map. He wished for more in his life, but he had just been, a simple ward. When, suddenly, he was placed into another area, a brush that was a line. Giving vision to the humans, like he had always done. ___

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