Remove Minimap for ELO's below Platinum

There is a tool in league that gives a whole lot of information in the basic level. It gives players intel on opponents found through vision, position of allies in lane, major neutral objectives uptime, and also wave position on the map. If used properly it can also help a player infer on possible pathing of opponents and thus help players decide on future endeavors in a game. This tool is called a minimap which is located either on the bottom right or left of your screen depending on your preference. Sadly in the Low ELO around Bronze, Silver, and Gold people don't really use this tool to its expected purpose. Through some interviews of some players, I have found some harsh truths about this tool that was given to us from the great riot gods. Some players who main in laning roles have shared that they don't use the minimap because its "too much of a hassle to look at a map when i could be farming" or "it doesn't help me kill their laner so why waste time looking at it" or even in one case of an ezreal main: "Who needs a map?" Further questions for the said ezreal main were halted as he attempted to arcane shift in real life but apparently just told me to close my eyes and disappear. Another question was raised to the laners asking how they are going to know if their jungler was going to gank into which every player except for ezreal replied: "Wait what is a jungler? Is that a role in the game?" or "I never have seen a jungler in my game period." Wanting to investigate this phenomenon of a missing jungler role, I proceeded to interview jungle mains of the game. I asked them if they have ever ganked for their lanes into which they all replied: "I have tried to gank a couple times in games but sadly the laners just push their lanes all the time into the enemy tower." I press on the matter saying that they could gank for a lane that isn't pushed in but was met with the response that "the laners never let the enemy push into them, I can't gank for a lane that isn't pushing back if all my laners never let it." Surprised I decided to check and see how many of the jungle mains actually looked at the minimap into which all of them answer with a resounding "yes always." I then concluded the interview with a question for both jungle mains and laners on if they were given a tool like this after describing its roles, would they actually use this. All laners except for 1 answered with a "no it doesn't help with my farming, money matters more" while all junglers answered with "yes, infact we already use it all the time so why are you asking us this question in the first place?" I was not present for comment at the time as I had taken the move from ezreal and arcane shifted away from them. Investigating this further, I decided to see how far up the ladder in ranked would people actually start recognizing the potential of the minimap tool. Gladly I didn't have to go far as the Platinum tier showed a complete change from Gold and lower. To my surprise, Platinum players from both Junglers and Laners were showing a higher understanding on how to use the minimap and how much impact it could have on a game. Same happened with Diamond players as they too showed the same results. Not the same could be said for the Master and Challenger players as they all said that they "never use the minimap, in fact we dont even look at the screen, we just KNOW when their jungler is coming and plan accordingly." They also called me a scrub and forced me to arcane shift out of there presence. In conclusion, there is a troubling trend with the league's lower ELO player base as many of them have a lower understanding of a simple tool given to us from the gods. In my upbringing, I was taught to only use the tools that I need to succeed and expel anything else that is frivolous or not needed. In this case I would like to point out that most players in these parts don't really use the minimap if they are in a laning situation as it is considered a distraction from their farming session in the first 40 minutes of a game. Some ways of remedying this situation would be to add some fun things around the minimap like party balloons that would show up when you look at it, a pip of some letsplay streamer on twitch with the streamer of their choosing, or even a picture of someone like Miss Fortune, Evelynn, or Frostfire Ireliass by the minimap so laners are more enticed to look at it once in a while. Sadly this goes against everything that I was brought up for so My personal suggestion is that if they aren't using it, then take it away entirely. They aren't using it so why even have it in the first place. That way laners could focus on farming till 60 minutes and during the time use the MIA smartping to flame the jungler that they didn't get a gank once in the game. But who am I to say something like this. I'm not a Challenger player or an Analyst or a Coach.

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