The Official list of the top 5 best and worst champion mains

Let us start with the worst mains so that we can end things on a happy note, shall we? Worst: 5: {{champion:17}} Teemo mains are notoriously fond of trolling, and will bm all game long. Every single time you die, they will remind you that size doesn't mean every time. But the trolling does not only apply to the enemy team. Oh no, they will make a sarcastic comment about their team after every mistake. This is not really surprising though, as there is something seriously wrong with someone who mains Teemo. --- 4: {{champion:157}} Yasuo mains are always quite impressed with their own skill. As long as they win lane, things are good. But if they fall even a single death behind, they will verbally abuse their jungler before rage quitting. --- 3: {{champion:105}} Anyone who mains FIzz is seriously a sadistic person in-game and out. Their words will be as brutal as they are witty. --- 2: {{champion:67}} Vayne mains. Truly the shining gem of the league community. If you win, it is because they solo carried despite their noob team. If you lose, it is because you need to uninstall. Be warned, as Vayne mains are quite fond of suggesting suicide. --- 1: {{champion:92}} Riven mains are the worst thing to ever come out of this game. Nobody matter what you do or say, they will find some reason to start raging. Gank another lane? Should have ganked theirs. Make a joke? You are an insensitive asshole. Gank their lane and kill the enemy? Should have let them take the kill. Be especially warned of Battle Bunny Rivens, who *will* rage quit the moment you question them. There has only ever been one recorded good Riven main: Huni. Alright, let me get all that anger out: And now for the the top 5 best: 5: {{champion:14}} Sion mains are the true protectors of this game. They are always there for you in a team fight, they will ult down your lane to save you, and they will scream "COWARDS!" every time they are forced to retreat. --- 4: {{champion:432}} Bard is love. Bard is life. Bard players enter a zen mode, where they just chime seductively at people and collect chimes. Every once and a while they wander bot lane and heal their ADC up. It is truly wondrous. -- 3: {{champion:45}} Veigar mains are a **little** weird, and they get **short** with you if you take their cs, but that is a **small** price to pay for their charming attitude. It takes very **little** effort to make them laugh, and they will keep your spirits high when you are feeling **low**. --- 2: {{champion:82}} This one remains a bit of a mystery. Why are followers of the dark lord so friendly? Perhaps it is a trap to make us trust them before they steel (Get it? Because they are metal? I am so clever) our souls? Perhaps. But they always keep their cool, and can post dank memes with the best of them. --- 1: {{champion:86}} Was there really any question? Garen mains are known for 3 things: Spinning, winning, and screaming DEMACIA! Garen mains don't take the game too seriously, and have plenty of time to chat while they hide in bushes waiting to slay Noxian scum. It is quite beautiful indeed. So there it is folk, do you agree with my assessment? Post in the comments below!
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