I just rerolled three skins and I got greeted by this

https://raw.communitydragon.org/latest/plugins/rcp-be-lol-game-data/global/default/v1/champion-splashes/42/42002.jpg I don't play Corki, this splash is ugly as hell and the skin does not offer a single special interaction. BUT This was the first legendary skin in the history of league, released more than nine years ago. Somehow a warm and cuddly feeling overcame me, reminding me of simpler times. The sheer sense of nostalgia that accompanies this skin is priceless. To the youngins among you: Back then, Senior Business Development Manager jasonoliver, also know as 'the legend', descended to us mortals on februari 2010 to announce the first legendary skin. "A Ford is not the same as a BMW, which is not the same as a Bugatti," he preached before us and the masses bowed before this wisdom. "We would like to give our players a similar spectrum of ways to customize their champions," he added and the crowd cheered with joy; their developer overlords anticipated their every need. Here is the link: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=58815&page=3 There is just so much history behind this skin. Joyful memories, friendly and enlightening discussions about 'price vs it's just an optional cosmetic', people joining together and camaraderie filling forums and games. Needless to say, when I clicked on that beautiful, emotion provoking legendary skin permanent I gladly took the 910 orange essence. The end. PS: I'm just fooling around. Don't take this too seriously.
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