Dev Corner Update: Skillshots

Hey everyone, secret Riot employee Cap here. Decided to take over Meddler's job of ~~being misquoted on the forums~~ ~~ruining everything~~ ~~Facetanking the boards aggro~~ explaining gameplay changes to bring you an exciting look at our new skillshot system! By now, you've likely seen our newest favorite skillshot: Damn, ain't she a beauty? Rengar, Sejuani and Xin Zhao all agree! Still, we've decided to give you a sneak peek at more skillshots we have coming down the pipeline! Expect to see these on every single rework! First, we have the skillshot rework for Aatrox, Evelynn and Mordekaiser Because these champs are evil, we gave them pitchfork skillshots. After shooting out two skillshots behind them, we decided to shoot one directly forward! Also kinda looks like a beetle. Next up is the reworks for Nunu, Cho'gath and Nautilus! Because these champions are so big, we gave them an absolutely FAT hitbox that leads into a cone! I know it doesn't make sense but when you consider the strategic diversity of decision making of "Going in and hitting your cone" or "Help I'm being CC'd why can I get close to this Vayne who keeps knocking me back", we think the answer is clear. Following that, here's the new skillshot for Kayle, Morgana and Aurelion Sol! Stars. We just wanted them to throw stars. In Morgana's case it's an evil star. Don't get hit by it! It still roots for ten seconds! Finally, here we have Mordekaiser's new skillshot on his ult! Unlike other skillshots, Mordekaiser's ghostly grasp winds THROUGH minions! Of course, this is because if it hits a minion Mordekaiser summons a minion. In addition, Mordekaiser has the unique bonus of having the first skillshot in the shape of the word "Skillshot!" This will separate the bad Mordekaisers from the _really_ bad Mordekaisers! Look forward to these reworks in 2018, 2019, 2020, and League of Legends has been closed! (Seriously though stop spamming the same skillshot on almost every rework)
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