isn't support tank items a bit abusable on jax?

granted it might not be the best if your adc is behind but isn't things like {{item:3109}} or {{item:3050}} sort of busted on {{champion:24}} because they synergize so well with his kit? for instance {{item:3109}} grants you 20 armor and 15% when linked, you heal 12% of your partner damage and redirect damage. or in the case of {{item:3050}} you essentially give a red buff (ignites auto and slows) to your linked partner when you ult. Don't know if it stacks with red buff but most likely I maybe wrong here, but jax bringing those items does seem rather abuseable (granted its dependent on your team) since his damage and tankiness just scales with mostly any item, allowing you to bring alot more utility to a team fight then you would normally?

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