Been playing for a while, these are my champion stereotypes. (Part 1)

{{champion:266}} "I play Aatrox." {{champion:103}} "Either im a god or im playing her for other reasons Kappa. Cant stay 5 mins on mid lane." {{champion:84}} "0/69/0. hits level 6, 420/69/0." {{champion:12}} "Cowbell." {{champion:32}} "Silver 1." {{champion:34}} "Believes he is Froggen" {{champion:1}} "So you want to go to jail? Too bad, grey screen." {{champion:22}} "Whiffs every arrow unless point blank or impossible snipe." {{champion:136}} "They act as their champion." {{champion:268}} "SHURIMA. SHURIMA. SHURIMA." {{champion:432}} "Can be the nicest guys ever, or the most toxic players you will meet." {{champion:53}} "Lands 1 hook the entire game, GG EZ *Flashes mastery*" {{champion:63}} "0/20/1. Lands a good W-E-R. Quadrakill!" {{champion:201}} "Super nice and kind in game, probably hates everything." {{champion:51}} "Permapush lane with no wards, dies or gets a triple." {{champion:164}} "If he is any decent, your life will suck." {{champion:69}} "70% scripters, 20% feeders, 10% gods." {{champion:31}} "Righteous Glory into Ult insane combo." {{champion:42}} "They are really strange people or smurfs." {{champion:122}} "Emote spam all game." {{champion:131}} "Rare, but can make your screen go grey faster than any other champion." {{champion:36}} "Mastery and laugh spam as he runs towards your adc, and eventually reaches him." {{champion:119}} "Old Tyler1 wannabe, ultra toxic, or a quiet player that carries your ass." {{champion:245}} "Has Ult and mastery on the same button." {{champion:60}} "Most aggresive junglers i've ever seen, will dive you until you afk." {{champion:28}} "Level 2 gank, you burn flash and come back, but she never left lane." {{champion:81}} "Either terrible, or a god that lands everything and cannot be touched. (Why are you jungle now.)" {{champion:9}} "They want to watch the world burn." {{champion:114}} "IF I DON'T GET A GANK TOP IN 1 MINUTE IM AFK." {{champion:105}} "Fuck you lol." {{champion:3}} "Seem like the generic soloq player. Won't ult you unless you are duo." {{champion:41}} "BARRELS. MORE POWDER. COMBO. will carry to infinity and beyond if he has more than 50 games." {{champion:86}} "Q-E-R right as he comes out of fog of ward or a brush. Usually forget they have a W key." {{champion:150}} "They rage as fast as their champion." Part 2 if i have time or nothing else to do. EDIT: OK FINE, next one is up in like 20 mins.

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