If these champions were designed today, their kits might look like this...

Disclaimer: This thread is meant to make fun of how ridiculously overloaded every single new champion and reworked champion has been, by adding these kind of overloaded mechanics to older champions. Please leave your own in the comments {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:103}} - gains stealth after each ultimate dash. W has a 3 hit passive. {{champion:12}} - W cooldown is reduced for each champion hit with his Q. Ultimate gives a burst of MS on cast. {{champion:34}} - gains stealth while on top of Glacial Storm (R) {{champion:1}} - Her E gets replaced with a dash {{champion:22}} - Her E applies damage and slows all revealed targets. Hitting a target revealed by E with R reduces her R cooldown by 50%. {{champion:119}} - Gets innate lifesteal that scales with his W rank {{champion:9}} - ultimate roots all enemies it hits upon initial arrival. {{champion:120}} - steals MS from all enemy champions within his W. Also reduces incoming damage from enemies within his W by 50%. {{champion:59}} - E can store up to 3 flags. Q costs 2/3 as much mana, and gets a 60% refund to the cooldown if used to hit a flag. W includes a 3 hit passive. Takes 20% reduced damage while in his ultimate arena. {{champion:222}} - E gains an extra chomper for each rank. Hitting an enemy with R refunds half the cooldown. {{champion:30}} - For each enemy killed by R, refunds 20% of the cooldown (up to 100% if he gets a penta-kill). Assists within 3 seconds refund 10% of cooldown. {{champion:10}} - Q fears instead of slows. Using W on a target that has your R on it grants 3 seconds of stealth (including on yourself). {{champion:89}} - Each enemy hit by her W refunds 33% of the cooldowns of her other non-ultimate abilities. {{champion:54}} - Gains a 50% reduced cooldown if his R kills a target (or assists within 3 seconds) {{champion:76}} - Gains stealth for 2 seconds upon leaving brush if in Cougar form {{champion:68}} - Overheated effect is replaced with: all abilities get 80% CDR {{champion:27}} - Gains stealth and 30% damage reduction on his own poison {{champion:15}} - E absorbs the ability, not only recovering it's mana cost but allowing it to be recast (using E again) within 2 seconds back towards your enemy, {{champion:72}} - Can dash to targets hit by fracture {{champion:37}} - E additional grants stealth to all allied champions in range {{champion:16}} - R also removes CC from all allies {{champion:48}} - Can parkour over his own pillar by clicking on it {{champion:4}} - Gains stealth after using his ultimate until he attacks someone {{champion:254}} - if Q hits an enemy champion, her gloves extend pushing them 300 units backwards, applying the same damage to all enemy champions hit by the first champion, then drags all champions back towards Vi. Vi can cast R on the pile of champions to use her ultimate on all enemy champions grabbed. Vi increases her passive shield by 100% for each additional champion grabbed this way. {{champion:62}} - His clone duplicates all abilities cast. {{champion:143}} - Gains stealth and massively increased MS on top of her R. Edit: Realized I forgot about damage reduction - added it where it seemed appropriate.
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