[]( Hello, my name is A Nunu, and I have directly extracted confidential information about the upcoming Nunu rework through careful data mining. Please enjoy. Make sure to remember this stuff before Riot removes it. _**OFFICIAL SPLASH ART:**_ #**LORE:** Originating from the Void, Nunu is a Darkin was made by 2 gay guys being fused together. Alone, Nunu was practically powerless and was bullied by everyone he knew during his lunch breaks at school. Luckily, he was also very skilled mechanic, so, he made a powerful and deadly blue fuzzy mech which he named _**Tristy**_. Together, Nunu and his mech, Tristy roam the land of Runeterra seeking vengeance to all of those who reported him and got his last 53 League Of Legends accounts that were banned for extreme toxicity so that he can become an ascended being and restore his long-lost Shuriman Empire to its former glory. --- #**ABILITIES:** #**Passive, Maximum Feeding Potential:** At the beginning of the game, Nunu starts with 5150 gold, but he can only spend his gold on either **_ Boots of Mobility_** and _**Tear of the Goddess**_ for the entire game. Additionally, Nunu's summoner spells are both replaced with Ghost and Cleanse. #**Q, It's just banter bro:** Cooldown: 1 second Range: N/A Target Type: Self-Targeted Mana Cost: 800 For the next 30 seconds, Nunu is allowed to say anything he wants to say in the chat without getting banned. Additionally, for every offensive thing that he says, 5 (+10% mana) Riot employees are permanently banned from League of Legends. #**W, Scuffed Predator:** Cooldown: 30 games Range: N/A Target Type: Self-Targeted Mana Cost: 1234 of a random teammate's mana points Nunu gains 9000% additional movement speed for 15 seconds after channelling for 0 seconds. Receiving damage, casting spells, or basic attacking will cancel all effects of the channel. Additionally, for every second Nunu is dead, Scuffed Predator's cooldown is reduced by 30 games. #**E, Disco Expertise:** Cooldown: 60 seconds Range: 1 Target Type: Skill-Shot Mana Cost: 18 quintillion mana (Only activatable if Sweeping Lens is in inventory) Increase the duration of your sweeping lens for 1 second. If this ability is used while running down mid, gain one checkpoint of honour. If this ability hits any allies, gain the option to manually uninstall League of Legends from their computer. At the cost of an additional 1 mana. #**R, dab:** Cooldown: 18.35 seconds Range: Global Target Type: dab Mana Cost: 35 Unleash an earth-shattering super sonic dab, killing all allied champions and minions. --- Anyways, I hope you enjoyed seeing this leak. Personally, I think that Riot is headed towards the right direction. I can clearly see that they're giving Nunu an extremely unique and fun playstyle, while also being balanced and skill expressive! Bye.

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