The unspoken rules of Top Lane

1. Don't pick singed first, pick him last, because if you pick him first your enemy will go into a range champion. 2. If you pick and ADC top lane against a melee Top laner, you're an asshole; Unless it's against Darius, then you're masochist. 3. Never underestimate the power of the scouts code 4. If you're enemy steals your top laner from you, Go full AD Justice Man to properly punish 5. If your opponent is playing Illoai, get an orange and pray. 6. Don't tower dive rock monsters, or crazy dino riding yordles. 7. Ham is the preferred meat of crazy dino riding yordles . 8. If Yorick is missing, check your other lanes. 9. If Darius is close enough to dunk you, he'e close enough to dunk you. 10. Don't harras susan, she will bite back, and it will hurt.
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